United Church of Canada

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The home page of the national U.C.C. links to many aspects of the faith, life and work of U.C.C.

” ‘We are not alone,’ is the first line of ‘A New Creed,’ one of our statements of belief. The United Church of Canada has a long history of welcoming people of all backgrounds and orientations – wherever you are in your faith journey.

Join us and find out more about our history, organization, beliefs, and the ground-breaking decisions the United Church has taken.”


Shining Waters Regional Council (S.W.R.C.)

“The United Church of Canada uses a three-council structure, consisting of communities of faith, regional councils and a denominational council.  Shining Waters Regional Council is one of 16 regional councils in The United Church of Canada. The task of S.W.R.C. is encouraging and connecting communities of faith in The United Church of Canada from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario.”


Mission and Service

  “United Church people across the country join together to share what we can. We give to people and places in need through a unified fund called Mission and Service. 

  We share our resources:

  • to transform and save lives 
  • to inspire meaning and purpose
  • to build a better world” 



“Broadview is an independent Canadian magazine featuring award-winning coverage of spiritualityjustice and ethical living. Through our compelling stories and engaging images, Broadview challenges and inspires readers seeking to live a purpose-filled life.”


United Church of Canada Foundation

*Trustees – “We help generous people sustain the work of The United Church of Canada, its congregations and its partners, in life and beyond.”

*Legacy Funds – “We empower individuals and congregations who are looking to invest in the future of the church make meaningful impacts for years to come.”

*Grants – “We support new initiatives, ministries, and programs that enrich the church through our extensive granting and award program.”



“EDGE is a living web of new and renewing ministries and leaders in the power of the Spirit, following Christ, embracing God’s mission in the world.

We work with congregations, presbyteries, conferences, and ministries across Canada in areas of new & renewing ministries, communities in crisis, stories of celebration, and ideas worth sharing.”


Toronto United Church Council (T.U.C.C.)

“The Toronto United Church Council (T.U.C.C.) works with the church community (Horseshoe Falls, Western Ontario Waterways, Shining Waters, and East Central Ontario Regional Councils) to connect resources with ministry. Offering access to professional advice, financial support, and leadership development, T.U.C.C. helps our church address the social and spiritual challenges of the day.