Midhurst United Church has meeting and activity rooms of various sizes to accommodate family or group meeting spaces.  The main floor including washrooms and meeting spaces are wheelchair accessible. All rentals must operate within our Safe and Sacred Space Creed, and align with our broad mandate of “Exploring Faith and Caring for Community.”    

Safe and Sacred Space

Welcome to this place.  We seek to create a space where each feels respected.  Behaviour, words and attitudes matter.  We promise to relate to one another and the space with respect.  We commit to creating a caring and safe environment for all regardless of age, ability, gender expression, race, religion or sexual orientation. 

We believe the church is “Holy Ground”.  When we enter, we will do so with compassion and respect for all around us.

Photo taken of large church sanctuary. Chairs are stacked and room is empty.
Main Sanctuary

Rentals are available:

  • part-day (hourly) one-time
  • full-day one-time,
  • regularly scheduled several weeks, months or a year. 

Spaces available:

  • Main sanctuary
  • Historic sanctuary
  • Family room
  • Downstairs open space
  • Kitchen facilities

The main floor of the church and one washroom are accessible.

Fascinator tea party – 50 people in fancy hats seated at tables enjoying tea and sandwiches.

The rental manager is available to discuss your space requirements and the fees associated with the various rooms. Phone the church at 705-722-6331 to leave a message for the rental manager, or email

Historical Sanctuary

  • Seats 50 theatre style or 10-15 around tables
  • All seating can be rearranged
  • Wifi available

Possible Events:

Historic sanctuary showing open floor area with carpet on the centre of the floor and old church pews placed along the walls.
Historical Sanctuary
  • Family birthday or shower
  • Yoga, exercise classes, dance
  • Small meetings around tables or in circle

Family Room

  • Board room tables seat 8-10 people
  • Couches and chairs with large TV seats 8-12 people
  • All furniture can be rearranged
  • Wifi available

Possible Events:

  • Discussion groups, small meetings
  • Receptions, private luncheons,
  • Cards and table games

Family Room

Downstairs Open Room

  • Shared work spaces desks
  • Open floor area with tables and chairs available
  • Most furniture can be rearranged
  • Wifi available

Possible Events:

  • Desk or table shared work spaces for out-of-home office and/or client meetings
  • Family gatherings for birthdays and showers
  • Exercise classes, yoga
Open carpeted room. Tables and chairs are placed around the walls.
Downstairs Open Room


  • Commercial refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • 2 stoves, microwave and two dishwashing areas (3 sink)
  • Commercial chafing dishes (sterno heat) and electric roasting pans
  • Coffee makers, Pots and serving spoons,
  • Dishes and cutlery for 175.
  • Large center work island
  • Pass through window and Dutch Door to main sanctuary
Photo of Kitchen showing large work island, commercial fridge, triple sinks and 2 stoves.
Kitchen Facilities