Our Worship Committee changes our bulletin board regularly. For the month of March, the committee is focusing on Lenten Reflection. What is something that you have not done yet but hope to do soon? Is there somewhere in the world you would like to visit? Why? Please feel free to add your goals to the section on the bulletin board labeled “While I Am Still Able I Want To:” By the grace of God, we will achieve our goals.

Our regular Sunday worship is at 10:30 a.m. and everyone is welcome to attend.  Whether you are a church regular or this is your first time to come to Midhurst United Church, we would love to see you. We seek to create a space where each feels respected.  You will find a caring and safe environment surrounded by people who seek to be inspired spiritually.


At Midhurst United, we consider every Sunday special—great music, awesome community, down-to-earth talk about the Bible.  But when there’s a fifth Sunday in the month, we want to make it extra special!  On those Sundays (if the church is not closed for summer or Christmas holidays) we welcome people to a more casual, informal style of gathering.  There is more music than usual; we sit in a circle, with some comfy chairs added to our regular seating; coffee and snacks are offered in the sanctuary throughout our gathering time. 

If regular church on a Sunday isn’t normally your thing, maybe you’d be interested in checking out a slightly different version…?  And, if you play a musical instrument and would like to be part of the music team for a Fifth Sunday, let us know at the church office and we’ll get back to you!                              (office@midhurstunitedchurch.ca or 705-722-6331)

Our music director Chris Ness had extensive musical experience in the school system as well as leadership of other church choirs and musical productions

We are currently worshipping both in-person and on Zoom at 10:30AM on Sundays.  
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Trumpeter and Pianist preparing Christmas music